Dental Bridges

Our dental bridges in Perth offer you a complete smile

Dental bridges are ideal if you need to replace one or more missing teeth and for filling unwanted gaps in your mouth. They act as a denture and help to prevent movement from neighbouring teeth, along with gum disease and tooth decay. Dental 777 in Perth recommends dental bridges for filling smaller gaps and giving you a fuller, healthier-looking smile.

Whether you’ve had a tooth extracted or lost teeth in an accident, our caring dentists can help you make the right decision regarding replacing any missing teeth.

Everyone deserves a full smile

At Dental 777, we can enhance the overall look of your smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges act as a partial denture and can fill small gaps between teeth on one side of the mouth. When you lose a tooth, you may notice that your bite has changed. Dental bridges can help to improve your bite and speech, as well as stabilise your teeth. Let our caring dentists guide you on whether a dental bridge is the right treatment option for you. 

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teeth reconstruction

To find out if our high-quality dental bridges are good for replacing your missing teeth, call us on 08 9382 2200 today.

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