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Reliable Family Dentist Available in Perth

Here at Dental 777, we're committed to providing leading dental care services for patients of all ages. As prevention is our policy, we offer regular six-month check-ups and cleaning treatments to address any minor issues and prevent major problems with your oral health. From education and general dentistry to cosmetic dental procedures, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.
Your whole family is always welcome to any of our family dentist clinics in Wembley, East Victoria Park, Warwick, Joondalup, and Maddington to get the high-quality dental care you deserve.


It's essential to take your child to a family dentist from a very young age. At Dental 777 in Perth, we can teach your child about sensible tooth brushing and diet to ensure your child's teeth stay free from decay, cavities, and dental disease. Regular check-ups at our family dentist can also help your child to be confident about visiting the dentist and interested in maintaining excellent oral health.
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Over the years, Dental 777 has helped many families raise their children to become young adults without fillings and other common tooth-related problems. If a teenager does need a simple or complex dental treatment, our caring family dentists can help and provide a personalised dental care plan. We will also guide your child in maintaining a daily preventative dental routine at home.

Elderly dental care

As we get older, our teeth are more prone to breakages and falling out. Having said that, if you look after your teeth well throughout your life, you can minimise the risk of needing dentures. We believe that by helping the whole family with preventative dental care and using the latest dental techniques, you can live through life always smiling with confidence.
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