White Fillings

Natural-looking tooth fillings in Perth

At Dental 777, we encourage you to adopt excellent preventative brushing techniques to avoid cavities and tooth decay. Many of our young and adult patients in and around Perth have maintained a natural, healthy smile with the help from our dentists. Our trusted team of dentists also have over three decades of experience in fitting natural-looking tooth fillings.
We will always advise you on the use of white tooth fillings to help prevent tooth decay and maintain a natural appearance.

Tooth-coloured repairs  

At our clinics in Wembley, East Victoria Park, Warwick, Joondalup, and Maddington, we have many different types of tooth fillings available in a range of tooth-coloured shades. Our aim at Dental 777 is always to match your tooth fillings with your existing teeth, so they go unnoticed each time you talk and smile.

Thanks to advances in tooth fillings and colour options, we can remove minimal tooth structure to apply the filling and minimise the size of restoration. In return, you can have a beautifully complete white smile in less time and at a lower price. 

Our white tooth filling materials are also an excellent invisible solution for aesthetic repairs and rebuilding chipped corners. 
woman in the dental chair getting a filling
couple smiling

For a free quote on tooth filling treatments at our dental clinics in Perth, call us now on 08 9382 2200.

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